The Music of Life

music of life

Life can be thought of as a symphony or an orchestra, with each one of us playing our own part in the cosmic opus, if you will. The word universe when broken down (uni: one, verse: song) can be translated into music and harmonics along with everything else. Seeing that everything is vibration, its all just a matter of tuning into a particular frequency and shifting one’s vibration to match (or harmonize with) a desired result or experience (melody).

Like everything each one of us has a particular rhythm we are adding to the overall texture of the song we are both composing and performing simultaneously. The flow of life is coursing through our veins in a specific key, which can change at any given time, so keep up! Times are changing and who knows the beat might suddenly speed up or slow down and the tempo may even change from time to time.

I realize I am using a lot of metaphors here, but that’s the point. This is my own little addition to the timbre that is my perception of reality, my particular voice as it stands out from all the rest all the while mixing and melding into the symphony we are all playing.

The Flow of Life

flow of life

Now, as I mentioned the elements that make up our lives are always changing, ebbing and flowing, nothing in this universe is static or stagnant, so unless you are shifting along with it, or going with the flow as some people say, you are both swimming up stream and getting left behind, which is most likely why you feel unhappy, if and when you do.

That’s right, all unhappiness comes from moving toward stagnation, caused by resisting the flow of life. Many of us have a particular picture in our heads about how and what our lives are meant to look like at every stage along the way, and when they don’t end up looking exactly like how we pictured them, which is almost always the case, then we get stuck on the image of perfection we saw and no longer live in the moment.

When you can let go of how you think things should be, just allow whatever happens to happen, and then decide what to do about it with composure, that is when all things align and you begin to attract experiences that are in tandem with the way your heart truly knows are for your best interest and serving your highest potential.

So, go with the flow, stay in the moment, and appreciate everything that comes your way, because when you start to count your blessing instead of your trials, when you feed your dreams instead of your fears, then everything falls into place and you start to see the bigger picture of the unified scale composed of each of the chords we all play alongside one another.

Living in Harmony

living in harmony

How well we harmonize is clearly determined by how consonant or dissonant our synergy is, or how our energies resonate with one another. This is also known as rapport, which is not always determined by whether we actually like someone or not, though they tend to go hand-in-hand. When you have a gut feeling about someone that is your biological system responding to the energetic interaction between the two of you.

The more aligned you are with your true purpose, the part you were born to play, the better we all connect with each other and the better our counterpoints are blended together in consonance, though this doesn’t mean we should try to avoid dissonance. Conflict and disagreements are good, when handled cordially and respectfully. Too many of us are afraid of conflict. If this sounds like you, try reading my post Shed Your Fear of Conflict.

Here are a few tips to begin composing a more pleasant melody to add to the overall texture of the music of life: meditation, daily exercise, eating a nutritional, balanced diet, following your true passion in life, contributing to society in a meaningful way, loving yourself and others unconditionally, and last but not least listening to amazing music that moves your soul.

For more on mastering art of composing the music of life, check out my ebook Holistic Health in the Modern Age, and learn how to live healthier and have a much happier existence.